Mmm..tents! I miss looking for tents (but not the headache of trying to pick one). Outside magazine (mostly for hiking and mountain stuff, far as I know) has 2011 gear awards, and a couple of items apply to Burning Man

– sleeping bag, “…weighing in at less than two pounds…water-repellent, and breathable, yet dense enough to resist rips and punctures. Marmot’s Flow Gate Construction allows body heat to flow evenly while keeping down in position around your body.”
– I’ll stick with bare feet and Doc’s, but a lot of people go more Teva/Keens/hikey, so here’s their pick for best shoe

– Big Agnes was a tent I seriously looked at, but ultimately was out of my price range. If you have $600, you could get Outside’s pick.
– I also never really got into backpacks, since I don’t like wearing them, but their pick for “best of” is $180. Outside just listed the results, nothing about why these products won.
– I do need a new carry-on size suitcase, as BM broke mine. Not paying hundreds of dollars for one, though…and I don’t care about a detachable backpack, since I took one for my “personal” bag. I had everything I needed for the week in my carry-on and personal bag, in case I got seperated from my monstrous, 80+ lb. suitcase – it was a pain to lug it all around but hey, it’s not “easy” self-reliance, now, is it?

I did like this dome,

It’s two grand and pretty much looks like my dome from Mountain Hardware (which retails for 3-5,000). Same pole framework that makes mine impossible to figure out how to erect…I don’t see as many windows and doors – but it’s only 26 pounds, compared to my like…60. For anybody wanting to do the dome thing, that sure seems like a reasonable way to go.

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  1. N Says:

    I just saw an interesting tent/jacket/sleeping bag combo. expensive though.

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