I am a funny girl.

Here, this is Burning Man related.

I made up two jokes this weekend! I’ve never made up a joke. Sure, I’m funny and all, but looks aren’t everything, you know.

1. So, I live in a town cut off all over downtown by trains. Trains that go very, very slowly. Then stop. Then back up a little. Then stop again. You could be stuck at a train for 28 minutes, at least. All on the busiest, largest roads in downtown. It’s a joke. The kind of joke that infuriates people and makes you late for job interviews, work, parties, movies, you name it. The local paper has been running a back and forth with people complaining about it. Driving home from my Game of Thrones premiere party (yeah, that’s right!) I hit one about 11 p.m.

What did one Columbia zombie say to the other Columbia zombie?


2. One polar ice cap says to another, “This global warming is terrible! I’m going to be all melted away if this keeps up!” The other ice cap replies, “Gee, I hadn’t really thawed about it…”


Last week I was at a friend’s house for dinner – a grown friend, in his 40s. He likes watching the Disney Channel. Hey, I like watching Upstairs Downstairs like an 80-yeard old lady, so who am I to judge? His current favorite is Icarly (whatever that is). “How do you watch this crap,” I asked him.

“With my pants off,” he replied.

Come May, we will have some fantastic new bacon….things. The funniest part about this is some of the comments. What’s the big deal about bacon? It’s always been good, I guess, what prompted the explosion (no pun intended, especially since those aren’t even that good) of bacon popularity over the past few years?


3 Responses to “I am a funny girl.”

  1. Issa @ LoveLiveGrow Says:

    I’m curious about the whole bacon thing, too. Denny’s has a whole new bacon menu, including a bacon sundae. Weird.


    • J Says:

      Glad I’m not the only one – I’ve had a couple of non-burners who’ve come to events ask what the deal is with us and bacon…I’ve eat more bacon in the past five years or so, since I started “burning,” that I probably have in my life!

  2. N Says:

    I like the zombie joke. I like thinking of when, or why they might have said it. were they waiting in their car? were they coming up on a line of cars full of good brains that were stopped? don’t tell me.

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