Movie prop and costume auction! Ends 4/12.

A helmet from Heroes

Tim’s PJs from HGTTG

Doll from Halloween Resurrection

Armor from Demolition Man

Mimi’s outfits from Drew Carey! Rubber cleavers! Cloth chain mail! a helmet from the Last Starfighter! This is amazing. I’m only on page 5, there’s 40+ pages so I’ll see y’all later…

Post Script:

Wow…that was pretty fun. I could spend a LOT of money in there on medieval clothes, odd weapons, kimonos, bodies…

Just put these in random places to flash in the darkness that is Black Rock City

and I really want these

for Raiders’ Night at the Booby Bar!! Get in line, suckas!


2 Responses to “Auction!”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    woah…some of the costumes from Postman and Year One are totally calling out to me for BM.

    How ever did you find this glorious auction?

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