Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans Snack Mix – and booze

Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans Snack Mix are tasty.

Naturally sweet (I love pecans) and peppery…

“Black-peppered pecans, sweet cranberries and a touch of orange zest,” skrait from the bag. Snack food but I found I wasn’t eating a lot, the flavors were pretty satisfying (unlike, a bag of Cheetos, which must be consumed in its entirety). I got them at WalMart, where I saw

Coincidentally, those are the two flavors I tried. Total waste of money.

“Grab a handful! These pouches go right from the store to the freezer…and come out as something truly unique. The taste, consistency, and refreshment of a frozen blender drink…without the blender…the clean-up…the noise! You rip open the top and pour a slushy cocktail, created by America’s premier cocktail experts…into your glass, or right into your mouth.”

And only 5% alcohol. I actually froze them, though I don’t like frozen drinks. The slushiness is inconsistent (IE, you end up with mostly slush). The margarita flavor was pretty margaritary in that straight-outta-the-bottle unnaturally green margarita way. I don’t like those. The strawberry one was pretty good, tasted just like an Icee. Couldn’t taste the booze in either of them. I like the taste of booze. Drink Kool-Aid and roofie yourself if you’re just drinking to “loosen up.”

They’d be cute for novelty gifty purposes (like an ice cream truck, but hand out these instead of popsicles), but not as cute as homemade booze popsicles – like the chocolate bourbon ones I tried to make – and too MOOPy.

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