I was so mad at my mom when she wouldn’t let me go with the rest of the Girl Scouts to see Crocodile Dundee 2 and I had to go with the other nerds to see Willow.

Which, of course, was AWESOME. So I saw this

on shopgoodwill.org and I thought Willow!

Me, of course, though I love Ewoks, would go for

or even better

I kinda secretly want these god-awful clown shoes, too

This hat’s kinda fun, in a Marie Antoinette way:


6 Responses to “Wiiiiiillllooooow…”

  1. N Says:

    that hairy hat. It is so like the hat in Miss Firecracker…. rather poignant prop if I remember right.

  2. lazerfox Says:

    I got the chance to meet Mr. Davis last year and he is AWESOME!!

    • J Says:

      That is so awesome. I’d rather meet him than say, Harrison Ford! Carrie Fisher I want to meet because she’s a hilarious ex-drunk.

      • lazerfox Says:

        I just want to someday be able to make the princess Leia bikini.

        My sewing is not up to that level yet :/

      • J Says:

        Eh, I’m so over that bikini! It’s way too common now. All the hot spokesmodels show up in ’em. Plus, you can buy really nice versions for less than the time and effort and cost it would take to make one!

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