Movie of the Day

10:18 a.m. I actually haven’t started it yet, but I’m pretty sure Jedi Junkies is going to be AWESOME.

10:21 The interviews are eh, I mean, yeah. You’re in a movie about Star Wars. Pretty sure you like it. Pretty sure all of us who like it and are watching this movie also remember the first time we saw it. And oh yeah, we love it too. But the montages in the background of costumes and such is fun.

10:22 Jeremy Bulloch! Peter Mayhew!

10:31 Ha ha, they interview the Jedi training people in New York City!  – A group of “light saber enthusiasts.”

10:40 …I want a Falcon in my backyard. They’ve done a nice seqway from a bit too much on the Jedi choreographers to fan films.

11:05 – ha ha, an informal poll on “who shot first?” I mean COME ON, Lucas. Come. On.

11:31 – Learn the secrets behind the authenticity of Chad Vader! I actually didn’t watch that for a while, because so much Star Wars fan stuff is crap. Hearing the Chad guys read comments like, “…there are no grocery stores in Star Wars…” is funnier then the Simon Pegg one from a few weeks ago.

11:34 Though I no longer want a SW-themed wedding, “couples first duel” is infinitely better than “first dance.”

11:36 Don’t call SW fans nerds! “Nerds are loners…in their parents basements still…”

11:37 Leia’s bikini has it’s own section in the film.

11:49 What do you need to learn to be a Jedi, children are asked. “Using the force…how to block…be mindful of everything.” That’s just some good advice, right there.


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