The only amusing prank I’ve found

is Hulu going back through time to 1996. I actually went there this morning hoping for new NBC Thursday stuff, but there wasn’t anything to watch. So I’m on Netflix, trying to find something mildly intriguing. I’d rather watch Kids in the hall, Sliders and X-Files! Though I can’t believe Crash is…15 years old, geez. I hated that song when it came out. I had to admit I liked something Dave Matthews did. Same as when Freaks and Geeks got me to listen to the Grateful Dead.

That clip is unrelated, the related one is too spoilery for people who haven’t seen the series.

Postscript, ha ha, you can actually watch the shit from 1996! So I’m off to Kids in the Hall.

Also unrelated, burns are the only thing I buy water for (tried refillable containers, didn’t quite work out).

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