A rare day…

The rare, magical day when I have no school to do…and I have the next TWO days OFF. I even went to a PARTY last night and had FUN. Passed out drunk in bed about 10:30 and woke up at 5 a.m., restless, then fell back asleep and woke up at 8:44 wondering how the hell my alarm didn’t go off…luckily it’s a quiet little Sunday. I finished American Drug War: The Last White Hope

Nothing new, but still informative – and touches on more recent stuff like how there was no opium under the Taliban, but somehow under U.S. control Afghanistan is now the largest heroin supplier in the world…

Within the first minute, Dreams with Sharp Teeth amused me. I’m looking forward to the next 1:36:09 of my life…and The League is on Watch It Now.

Made another 100% on my Psychopathology exam without reading any of the assignments…but found out the advising at said school BLOWS and I am short TEN classes. So…instead of graduating in August and getting that GD little piece of paper, celebrating at Burning Man and then GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF THIS SHIT TOWN, I will….I have no idea. Drop out of college for the third time. Give up, officially, on thinking I’ll ever do more than work shit jobs I’m overqualified and underpaid for. Read more Bukowski and finally develop that taste for bourbon.

Until then, though, movies and window shopping. Wish me luck on my Pain Teens LP bid!


2 Responses to “A rare day…”

  1. N Says:

    can you transfer cheaper elective units from a junior college? Pay high dollar for the classes you can only get at the U?

    • J Says:

      – There’s two classes I’m challenging. – I just can’t afford any more debt, man…assuming they’d give me more loans (which I loathe having). “Cheaper” is still thousands of dollars I don’t have. – The classes I need are all upper level and/or major-specific (hence, not available at the local tech school). Furthermore, taking it at a traditional school would just tack on more time (three months or so for one class, v. one month for one class).

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