I love documentaries. I watch them constantly.

This morning I thoroughly enjoyed Polka Time .

Right now I”m watching The Loss of Nameless Things.

It’d be a lot more engrossing if I had any interest in the subject matter. Some docs about stuff you don’t know about completely pull you in, some are just really good movies about something you’d never heard of.

I’m debating China Blue, next. Think I’ll go with Tulia, Texas, instead.

I try to be very aware about where my clothes come from. Most Americans don’t give a shit about where the clothes come from as long as they’re cheap. But I try.

I love Indepedent Lens. I look forward to it every week. I got to see Helvetica before it came up in my Netflix queue. And

Art & Copy

Order of Myths


They’re airing Marwencol this month!! Really, really dug this one on Burroughs a few weeks ago Thought a copy of his final journal entry (as in, in his handwriting, just as it appears on the page) would be a cool tattoo.

 I just found they list all their titles, swoon


and am going to leave work very smart today!

Herb and Dorothy is just a classic.

I think I mentioned how great The Parking Lot Movie is, before, but I just did it again.

4 Responses to “I love documentaries. I watch them constantly.”

  1. lazerfox Says:

    are you renting said documentaries or watching online?

    • J Says:

      Both. Viva la public biblioteque! Mostly, though, it’s Netflix watch it online (sometimes Hulu). Rewatching The 1940s House, love it! Will make the boyfriend sit through every era they do. 🙂

  2. lazerfox Says:

    ah yeah the library. I used to get dvd’s from them but stopped when we got Netflix.

    I did not find the Tulia Texas on on streaming so I will go peruse my biblioteque 😀

    • J Says:

      I posted before seeing that one wasn’t streaming. I tend to see a lot of “new releases” and mainstream stuff I’d never think to get on Netflix, that I’ll snatch if I see it on the shelf at the library. Generally I just sort of wander around looking for stuff @ the library, but I go to Netflix with specific titles. Not much browsing.

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