“Some people say it’s folly but I’d rather have the lolly.”

I need money – nothing new, right? I’m slowly putting odds and ends towards BRC, but the end of school is approaching so I need to start considering my loans. I’ve started therapy, which my insurance won’t touch. Not including a referral to a psychiatrist and ensuing meds…I need money. I just signed up on eJury.com, an on-line mock trial site that pays $5-10 per trial. It’s not a big money maker (if any money at all), but every tiny bit helps.

If you’re in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut area, definitely check out Buddy’s Sleepovers.  What a fun way to earn a little extra! Especially if you’re a true “dog person.”

I’m not sure about Free Car Media…I cover up the company logo on my car so having a huge advertisment slapped on it would be pretty hypocritcial. But $700 a month?? Shit, I could just make that a job (theoretically). UpDown (updown.com, “access denied” on my pc): I definately know I’m not a fit for! But if you’re any good at the whole stock market thing, you could give it a go. It’s like fantasy football for stocks with monthly pay-outs ($500, $100, $50) to whoever’s done the best with their imaginary money.

Ok, I’m signing up for the car thing. That is just way too much money (and I’m highly doubtful it’ll happen).

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