More random

This AMA with a 96-year old woman is the first one I’ve read.  She sounds pretty great. I like her views on technology,

It will be the downfall of this generation I think. No one will know how to do anything by themselves anymore.

gender roles,

Jobs don’t have genders.


When I was probably 10 years old, I wanted to be a flapper girl more than anything. My mother called them hussies.

kids today,

The younger generation lacks respect. That is an old person answer, I know, but it is true.

and death,

Everyone dies, everyone lives. People all die at different times and different ways. He just happened to go first. You’ll see him again, don’t worry.

Somebody buy me some jerky! I don’t like it – I liked it once, it was some sort of Mennonite elk jerky from North Dakota.

I’ve thought about exploring jewelry-making with records before, it’s a great medium.

Supermarket has way lots of stuff to look through. Fox stoles for the fur-conscience

I like these earrings

They carve, you pop ’em out.

I had some culture shock when I moved here – schock, if you will. Nobody, not even the “cool kids,” knew what a squatter was or that having one’s power bill in Emma Goldman’s name was h-i-larious.  I had to explain what “schmutz” was. Granted, given my interest in WWII history, living in Philly, reading everything Chaim Potok wrote, etc. I prolly know a smidge more Yiddish than the average Presbyterian…

If I was into tote bags, I’d want this one. 

….but let’s be honest, I’d find a canvas bag at the $1 a lb Goodwill and sharpie that shit on it. You saved $23.90!


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