Mmmm….libraries…I leave feeling a little high and euphoric, my hand heavy with the weight of new books and movies…aka What I’m Reading

Right Living: An Anglo-American Tradition of Self-Help Medicine and Hygiene

I had checked out and was leaving when a new Carl Hiaasen caught my eye!

His books make me laugh (and this one opened at #2 on the NYT best-seller’s list).

Fargo Rock City : A Heavy Metal Odyssey in Rural North Dakota

Klosterman’s another can’t-miss/must-read author.

I thought it was just me: women reclaiming power and courage in a culture of …

 By C. Brené Brown 

I thought it was just me: women reclaiming power and courage in a culture of Shame – C. Brené Brown

(links to it as a free google book.) 



Ah, back to normal. Much of the book wasn’t relevant to me, since I don’t have much problem with shame. And I simply would not tolerate other people treating me like the woman in this book do. However, it lacked the usual self-help woman bullshit and was pretty frank and “real.” I copied a few excerpts from it that I don’t have handy right now to share…I enjoyed the author’s writing style, free of guru-y buzzwords and kinda funny (yet another anecdote about babies and excrement that have me OK with not being a mom). I think it’d be a good read for guys, too, who want to better understand…well, women. I don’t like saying that, but it’s a fairly good primer on a serious issue affecting women (living in a culture of shame). I’d buy it and loan it to patients.

…I forget what else. Re-checked out The Corrections.


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