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I couldn’t find my mask on Amazon, either. I’m pretty sure it was a woodworkers respirator mask, the fact that it was made for the tiny sawdust particles was part of why I bought it. These two are similar as far as looks

Yeah, I picked that one for the colors! And it’s the most similar but a bit more ($13 v. $18).

“The Toxic Dust Respirator traps over 99.97 of toxic dust including lead, asbestos, Hantavirus and meets the latest US government respirator standards (P100 Class), OSHA and NIOSH requirements.”

This one’s the cheapest but from what I read, disposable

I liked the points made in the description for this one

– The low inhalation and exhalation resistance of the 7700 Series makes breathing easier to reduce worker fatigue.

– Silicone facepiece material conforms to facial features and doesn’t harden with age. Silicone is easy to clean, durable and resists distortion.

– Contoured sealing flange and cradle suspension system eliminates discomfort caused by pressure points on facial nerves.

 – The most comfortable and durable half mask available.

Good reviews, too. And then I found mine!

Aw, I love my little mask! I remember now it was the reviews that cinched it:

-This is the first “woodworker’s” or nuisance dust mask that I’ve been able to wear for more than 5 minutes without wanting to tear it off, throw it to the ground, stomp on it, douse it with gasoline, and set a match to it.

Looks like they no longer make it, though.

Now, as you know because you are such DEVOTED readers, I really loved wearing my full face mask I brought as a prop. Goggles + breathing in one. I got stuck out at the trash fence in a storm one afternoon and it sucked. I actually went and hid in a toilet to try and give my eyes a break.


So you can be a bad-ass all you want with your bandanna and no goggles, but I like the freedom of seeing and breathing in otherwise unseeable and breathable conditions.

3M 6800 Full Facepiece Respirator - Facepiece Only - Medium Size, Requires Filters or Cartridges

So I’m keeping an eye for another full-face mask, just not a military issue one with loads of rubber and heavy stuff/material.

7000 Series Full Facepiece Respirators Full Face Respirator Large

I have GOT to remember to bring my pictures to work, so I can use them when I post!

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