I won’t bore you by going on and on about Smashing Pumpkins and me, the epicness of Siamese Dream to a teenage me, the “I have to look  like that picture of D’arcy in Spin/Rolling Stone/whatever” or the time I had a one-night stand with a model in N.Y.C. after we talked for HOURS about how much we loved Smashing Pumpkins. Or more recently a trivia night where they played a snippet of Geek U.S.A. and  I named the artist, song, album, track number and year of release.

I just wanted to post this picture of her now.

I’ve talked before about influences on my current style and such, she was in there. So let’s make up for that awful mug shot with this:

Funny, I can’t find pics from that article that hung in my 10th grade locker, but she has her own tumblr!



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