Any of you watch the Super Bowl?

Seriously. That mess was just embarrassing. If they’d done it 2 years ago when that album actually came out, maybe it would’ve been interesting. But they’ve been running that same future-y light-up shit since that album came out and it is tired. I remember when BEP was a good HIP-HOP group. Back in the 90s. The outdated get-ups and choreography and uh, Usher? Who cares? Not as bad as the faces C.A. made as she was singing and messing up lyrics, but still. And that Glee chick’s aaaaaaawful caterwhalin’.  KITTEN HALF TIME FOR THE WIN!


One Response to “Any of you watch the Super Bowl?”

  1. ntek Says:

    Two questions:
    What is so special about a supperbowl?

    What’s for supper?

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