Gentle readers,

You have read every page of my other blog, right? I should post this there, but to make sure it reaches enough people:

So this guy took a bunch of DVD commentaries, deleted scenes, notes etc. and mashed them all into one epic documentary about Star Wars:
It’s so good!! I hope I get to make out with a Storm Trooper at Burning Man.

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5 Responses to “Gentle readers,”

  1. N Says:

    you know, I got caught up to Novemeber 2009, but I just want to save some for the possibility of your job activating the firewall again. It’s all good.

  2. Issa Says:

    I ran into a Storm Trooper last time I was at Burning Man, but instead of making out, I mocked him mercilessly for being in the wrong state. DragonCon is in Georgia! 😛

  3. N Says:

    dess sum good chit, mang. I can’t stop watching it. good times, good times. this project, yes, epic, is the right word.

    • J Says:

      2009 there were two Stormtroopers in Thunderdome – not fighting, just standing there, but still hot! And did you ever see pics of the one offering “free imperial hugs?” He’s an Atlantian! I met him at Alchemy. Almost made out with him…

  4. N Says: You’ve seen this too, right?

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