Advice from me

Ah, Burning Man advice. Ask one question, get 20 answers, all completely conflicting. 

They say,

1) If you need quiet to sleep and can’t while music is playing; you need to camp on [u]E street[/u] or further back. Any closer and you WILL hear the music blaring all through the night and into the day.

2) Don’t bother with earplugs, they don’t work. I was on 4:00 and C last year and has two different kinds of earplugs with me, and they didn’t do &%^#. At best they soften whatever chatter might be going on around you.

A bike is fine for running daytime errands and trips out to the deep playa to see art…but go out on foot at night.

I say,

1) camping further away from Esplanade does cut down on some noise but not the noise from art cars who make a point of going down all the streets, all night long, with their dubstep blaring.

2) The right ear plugs put in properly make a difference. I’m a crazy light sleeper and have tried the wax, the kind with the ridges and different shapes of foam. The trick is to rub it between your fingers to make it small. Grab the tip of your and pull it up. Slide in the skinny’d earplug. Hold your ear up as the foam expands. This gets it in there good. I’ve had people stand at my tent door calling my name, and I didn’t hear them.

3)Bike at night is good for a speedy trip home when you hit the wall of “done.” Since there can be less going on camp-to-camp, it can be nice for cruising by quiet blocks. I’d usually ride it to say, PEX and chain it up there, walk around “downtown” and then enjoy not having to walk my drunk, exhausted ass back home.

I got that earplug trick from Jellykins von Jinglepants, aka DOOM and it has served me quite well.


2 Responses to “Advice from me”

  1. Christine Says:

    You are so right on.

    Also, it won’t make a difference how far away from the Esplanade you are if the camp next to you (we were on D if that makes a difference) insists on blaring techno till 4 in the morning. Then you will really hate yourself for not bringing those ear plugs.

    • J Says:

      Yup – I was on A right behind a dance camp and Thunderdome and it was waaaaay quieter than 9&C was – I think, looking back, largely because no art cars went down our street. And UGH if you get stuck next to Phish camp…

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