For pirates on the go!

Whisky in a can.

“‘It’s lightweight and portable and entirely recyclable, which is good news. It will be one of the hot picks for any outdoor activities.’”

I don’t care for the stuff (unfortunately, since so many burners do) but I’d sure like some gin, sake or mead in a can (for traveling purposes only).

“World-renowned expert Jim Murray – author of The Whisky Bible – admitted he was intrigued…’there’s no way of knowing what it is you’re buying – and this isn’t proper Scotch. I taste around 3,000 types a year and I can honestly say I have never come across these brands.’”

Douche. Let’s get drunk.



2 Responses to “For pirates on the go!”

  1. Risky Says:

    I’m ready for a drunk.

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