Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand another reason to love the internet.

I like this idea…stand around Center Camp with it.

A lot of my wantstodos, for camp, are simply impractical. Pickled shrimp. Grits casserole. So, what CAN I do? I’ve volunteered to be MOOP mistress of PWR. Seeing as how I go on cleaning binges when I’m drunk, and have no problem yelling at people to pick up after themselves (a skill honed from life in a 3-story house with six boys, all their bands, and house show after house show) I think I’ll do a pretty good job.

I hope to pimp out our toilets, if we get some.

Nice, homey touches to de-JOT the claustrophobic…nastiness. I found this gem of a glass-topped coffee table at an antique store yesterday:

Did I mention Black Swan is a total bore (script, acting, visually)? Natalie Portman has got to be one of the most over-rated actresses of the current generation.

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