Baby, it’s cold outside.

Let’s travel back in time…to OCTOBER! I found some Alchemy videos this morning. Nothing too special or interesting, just to give you desert rats an idea of what I’m used to, when it comes to the geography of a burn. First one, taken from the crow’s nest of the Funk Love pirates (my pirate crew mentioned often around here):

Next is the view from Effigy Hill, smack in the effigy (built by my friend Tunna, whom you’ve met around these pages as well):

And lastly,

That’s DJ Cat O’9 Tails, painting the coffin. She got an art grant to have a Nawlins style funeral procession. All weekend you could paint little dolls to throw in a coffin her husband made, or an umbrella. Saturday evening, it was marched all around and up to the effigy – live band playing Dixie. It was great.

@ :50, that’s James. He’s a member of Such and Such, and quite the hooper/juggler/all that jazz.

 You’ll recognize some of the art from past BM. At about 2min, that’s the big Saturday night dance party that my cohorts and I walked straight into the middle of, and stood there eating sandwiches and frowning and not moving. Ha! At 2:29 you can see the back of Nummy’s fur coat! She made the magic sandwiches. Chicken, spinach dip…other stuff…and gluten-free bread. And chips!

 2:49 is one of the people I rode out with last summer, her boyfriend did the video (spinning at 2:43). She’s cute and sweet – got her ass TORE up by that slide, poor thing. All up and down the back of her thighs. Very graceful hooper, one of them that makes it look like the easiest, most fluid thing in the world.

Mmm…green grass and trees! All we have right now is snow and ice. I’d be snowed in for a second day, if a coworker hadn’t come to get me.


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