Wednesday on zee playa…

Tuesday was just a list of things to make me remember the fun I had. Going on a bike ride with Runaway and Dooka (he thought he’d be funny, and crash his bike into me. I rode on while he stayed behind – unbeknownst to me, I thought he just had a fit of burner ADD and went the other way – and hobbled home with his broken bike, a-hahaha DON’T FUCK WITH ME).

“better face washing”


We spent the week with a fun camp game, what’s your burner name? Me: Walk of Shame, Mud Butt, Morning After…

Onto Wednesday.

I totally feel like I”m at a regional. Actually hanging out with people…haven’t even been to the Man or temple yet! I wish I could get more/better sleep, though. May bring some sort of upper next year…

crotchless = good (if you have a pee funnel)

skirt clips as garters = good

That’s the thingie I made. The clips = random thrift store find.

“Morning Pyro! Le’ts blow something up!”

“They’re not boots! They’re foot outfits!”

Bacon curry on hashbrowns? Espresso, Thai coffee.

Wow. Camp is awesome. Perfect steak with spinach and avacado…cucumbers with garlic salt…sitting in Sparkle Pony Lounge…clone yourself 100x, you’ll never see it all. It’s maddening.

Spent ALL DAY at camp!

Bike ride with Troy to Retrofrolic!



I walked from Center Camp to home, alone, and thought about how different it was, walking alone this year. I was so happy to be home, not because it meant I could got to bed like last year, when most nights I just wanted it over but I was excited to see who was around, what’s going on…cloak’s great. Bit heavy on the shoulders, but I love not dealing with a backpack.

Need to stretch more.

“Heading to bed now” = three hours later


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