Well hot damn, yesterday was a good day for mail.

Goran good stuff.

Some sort of flyer advertising a thing called “Burning Man.” It sure is expensive.

My replacement earrings from Garuda. That was a top-notch experience, next time you need some jewelry. All sorts of reassuring order confirmation junk, right after I paid, and then…barely a week? before they were on my doorstep. It’s waaaay much more than I would usually pay for earrings (which would be zero…these were $25) but they’re so rad.

A little…can opener. Miz Elorrum is trying to teach me how to be a bad-ass, like she is. A clip-on spork! And that little metal thing…which I’m pretty sure is a can opener. Maybe she’ll write a guest post explaining it. (here’s a fun link explaining the history of them, a P38 can opener, aka “The Army’s Greatest Invention.”)

And then…then…doyouseewhatshedidthere?

Yeah. If I never have another Xmas tree, this will be dusted off each December. Maybe even licked. It has my name on it!!! And she called me out on my self-loathing:

O>K> re:” what if 2011 is awful, like my first year, and I never go again.”  Did someone just watch a Hallmark Christmas movie and start feeling shitty?  get this, kiddo, You are a fucking STAR on playa!

I don’t know how anybody can really be a star out there, but DO EPIC SHIT!

Here is a picture of me drinking gin after Vinyl Are My Pants wrapped me in Christmas tree tinsel:

…and that was Christmas. So, I got a Starbucks travel french press:

The idea being, I can make good coffee at work.  And it’s pretty fantastic, I admit. I brought a jar of coffee  and one of these sets me for the morning. I have one hilarious complaint: it keeps the coffee too hot. Yesterday, an hour after I made a mug, it was still too hot to drink – and I’m not a sissy who has to let the coffee get lukewarm before I take a cautious sip. This morning I made another mug and poured it into a regular mug. It then proceeded to cool off too fast! WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME??

Just kidding. It’s a great mug, so if you’re a one cup in the morning type, you might want to check it out. The press is in the lid, which is a snap-closing travel lid, so it’d be great for camping. Press/mug-in-one. Just be sure to leave some room for the Bailey’s.

8 Responses to “Well hot damn, yesterday was a good day for mail.”

  1. N Says:

    that is a P-38 can opener.
    It works, but I think it’s a bit of a pain to use (literally) but it’s small and cool, and a good gadget likes to be admired as well as used. keep for emergency soup.
    I’m glad you liked the stuff. elf works and late mailings.

  2. Risky Says:

    Love the P38s. Once you get the hang of it, it will open cans smoothly. Elorrum did a fab job! And the press/cup works well for Husband. Thanks for the earring link – I have been wanting to make some of those with the feathers.

  3. lazerfox Says:

    Did you say that your first year was awful??

    • J Says:

      Yes. It’s been explained how and why throughout, if you wanted to know why. 🙂

      • lazerfox Says:

        holy I started in Sep 09 and didn’t find much negative…then made my way through Oct, Nov to finally arrive on Dec 09 to finally reach my destination: BM journal transcripts.

        it seems I have some catching up to do and notes to take…does this mean I want to know why??

      • lazerfox Says:

        All done with my reading…very glad you made it back this year after all the hardships of your first year and that your experience was happier.

      • J Says:

        Well, thank you so much for taking the time to read it all! That thrills me!

  4. Coffee and Booze « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] this oh-so “worn” baseball cap) but let’s talk about coffee, instead. I got that French press for Christmas, then the boyf gave me a grinder for our 6 mos. anniversary. At first I was all, […]

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