I’m reading a great list, “13 Overlooked Deaths” of 2010 (Teena Marie has since joined them). Talk about “the Greatest Generation,”

During WWII, he used his strength to carry four wounded men at a time off the battlefield. And he didn’t die of organ failure or a heart attack like most 104-year-olds…

Joe Rollino, Coney Island Strongman, was hit and killed by a freakin’ minivan.

While taking his daily five-mile walk on Monday, 104 year old Joe Rollino was crossing Bay Ridge Parkway in Brooklyn when he was struck by a minivan. Sadly, he died a few hours later at a local hospital.

In the 1920s, Mr. Rollino was a strongman on Coney Island billed as “The World’s Strongest Man.” He got his start in boxing and bodybuilding at age 10. Mr. Rollino became a vegetarian in his teens and firmly believed in fueling the body with natural, health-promoting foods.

He once lifted 475 lbs. with his teeth, 635 lbs. with one finger, and 3200 lbs. with his back. Even more astounding is that he did all this standing at 5’4” and weighing less than 150 lbs. 
The coroner Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz and the guy who invented Cheez Doodles (he was also a Jewish mystic and a poet). Though titled “Seasonal Job,” we all know what this guy was up to:

Clearly, a Santarchist.


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