So yeah, I guess I’m a “child of the 90s” or whatever.

Eddie Vedder, Billy Corgan and Barney adorned my locker door. Kurdt’s posthumous People cover was taped to my bedroom wall. I got called “BJORK” (not in a flattering way). My So-Called Life made me cry, Richard Linklater wrote my life (or at least my life as I imagined it’d be once I grew up – or went to college*).

Portland is the new Seattle, eh? I’m looking forward to Portlandia. Where the dream of the 90s is still alive.

*I watched Before Sunset last night, it’s great. My comrade didn’t really get it, or get into. I said something like, “It’s an indie movie…like an indie movie back when “indie movie” wasn’t a bad thing.”

Which basically means lots of smoking and drinking coffee and talking. Looooooots of talking. Julie Delpy’s character really started freaking me out, towards the ends, saying things I have said, verbatim. Loving her cat a little too much. Singing songs she wrote and playing guitar – much better than I can do. Anyways…Before Sunrise, Before Sunset = I recommend them.

I learned a new way to drink this morning: the grenade. Seems splashy. I’ve never been one for drink gimmicks, but this end product is pretty impressive:


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3 Responses to “So yeah, I guess I’m a “child of the 90s” or whatever.”

  1. N Says:

    I think I might rename that drink: regret.

  2. J Says:

    Right? I can’t chug carbonated stuff. Alcohol is a toxin/poison, and that is a whole lotta poison all at once!

  3. N Says:

    I think at some point, “ridiculously stupid” takes on a more literal meaning. I’m sure I would have tried it without a gun to my head.

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