I’m reminded of David Cross’ bit about electric scissors.

What would yours say?

It’s a “Looptaggr,” and it’s pretty damn cool. Crafts these days on the internets have gotten so complicated. Requiring tools and skill and whathaveyou. Part of the genius is it’s simplicity.

Easy-to-follow instructions (and ACTION! videos!) at Looptaggr’s site.

In Burning Man news…my goal this year is to buy a ticket. I mean, feel free to give me one, Rich People reading this! No, really! So anybody want to buy a harp? I’ll offer up the same “$5 I’ll do whatever you want” schtick, too. Did I ever post pics of the skirt I made??

$150 from the lovely Bibbles…then there was E’s hat, and A’s photo essay. If I start wheedling for $5 here and there now…I only need 200 people to donate and I’ll be SET!



One Response to “I’m reminded of David Cross’ bit about electric scissors.”

  1. Bounce Says:

    What ever it said, you’d know it’d be inappropriate.

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