Wherein I bitch and moan

I loved hula-hooping as a kid – won a contest in P.E., once. I have a couple of hoops now. When I first entered The Scene I fell in love with fire hooping. I took my hoop to work and tried to watch a video a day, and practice in the yard at lunch. I gave up. Without anybody to show me why the hell the damn thing wouldn’t go up my shoulders, even though I watched the video OVER AND OVER…so I took to napping in the grass, instead.

My interest in hooping continued to decline and now it tends to elicit an eye-roll because like so much of the performance stuff in The Scene, it revolves around skinny girls in hot pants. Oh look, another tall girl in some sort of mismatchy furry tribal shit who can move a plastic tube up and down her body.  Great jorb!

So this video is fun for two reasons: 1) stickin’ it to the man (no no, not The Man) 2) regular guy hooper extraordinaire

Super Punch (I’m so glad the filters are gone and I can see Super Punch again!) has a second video of Phil hooping with some slow-motion action.

Quote of the weekend, “You would understand, as a high-profile burner…”

And speaking of “high-profile burners,” BrodyQat, my unicorn-in-crime partner, who read my blog from the beginning and was a HUGE source of tips, information and encouragement (not to mention the best BBQ and goat cheese mouthful of yum you’ll ever eat) did Desaturated Santa again. I can’t help but get a little squee-y when I see her on the usual bookmarks and think, “I know how she did that!”

Y’all saw what I wore. Mismatched, hobbled together as usual, somehow turning out quite well! Asheville SantaCon is a MARATHON. I hope to find my !@#$% camera cord soon so I can get my pics!

I am working on some great Xmas gifts too, but because the giftee may read this, I’ll have to post how-tos and pics after he opens them! I’m bummed about Christmas this year. My family is going to Guatemala (where I have family) but I can’t afford it. So, for the first time in my life, I have no family! I got teary-eyed last year, when I woke up and had to go to work first, before meeting up with them!

My first thought was, “I should go somewhere! Invite myself to Dallas, or San Diego, or somewhere else…” but then I decided to just stay here and save money. Because I’m still not caught up from BRC…I’m also staying home for New Year’s! Because Nummy offered to come visit. So any of y’all are welcome to come for the weekend, too!


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