What are you staring at? Whatever. You wouldn’t understand.

I was a goth unicorn for Halloween. Rehashed the original (you’ve all seen the pics on the blog, I’m sure) unicorn, gothed it up. Came to Asheville, one of the best burner towns in the ol’ U.S. of A. They also have this nifty little…clearance grocery store? Kind of like…the big lots of groceries. Including health/body stuff, I picked up some heavy-duty eye drops for Burning Man. I stood up from getting them and thought, “Man…you know you’re a burner when anywhere you go, you’re thinking of next year…”

Dubstep jokes abounded. Rapestep. Dubrape. Non-consensual clown action.

…good people. Sadly, I have to drive home now. I just wanted to say HI! I miss you guys. It was crazy awesome at Burning Man when people I didn’t even know where all, “I love your blog!” Maybe as things settle down I can figure out how to afford some internet at home…but yeah. I hope you all had a great Halloween and I can’t WAIT to see pictures!


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