I don’t want to go to Alchemy. I just don’t…feel like it. Mostly, I just don’t feel like driving 5-6+ hours. In the dark. In the middle of nowhere…and then setting up – I’m really just tired of always doing everything by myself. I spent all day yesterday planning with my friend that I usually don’t get to see much, because she does a large, food-based camp. She’s camping with me! No theme camps or virgins! Just us! So I got a little excited, felt a little better about it. Plus, it was just fun to talk to her all day (she’s a teacher, and stays fairly off the radar during the school year). But then her mom found some cancer…so she might not going. And have a dying mum. So I’m back to square one.

The Grand Sierra had a big burner party – “Burning Man 2,” I called it.

 “Only the Skinny Chicks and Assholes.” Of course that’s not entirely true – I mean, I was there (because it’s where my roomate wanted to go),

but it was the more…erm…nevermind. I really hate everything, right now.

A cop came and brought coffees. Starbucks, that my co-workers tease me about (my dad brings me one when he comes, sometimes I stop on my way to work because my dad gave me a gift card). Did any of the three women who got them, who don’t drink coffee, offer me one? Nope. Will they probably get thrown away? Yep. ARGH.

I’m not blogging ever again. I  HATE EVERYTHING.

These guys were swapping tricks. Otherwise it was just overpriced weak drinks and techno spun by what I would have thought was pretty stereotypical Vegas DJ Jersey Shore types

Stitch is great. We got krunk.

Repeatedly. Non-stop.

My “stalker” sent champagne to my room.

It was awesome. I’ve never in my life had anything like that, before. Room service, or whatever. I mean, you’d think train stations would have SOMEthing for people sleeping on the benches, but nooooo – we passed out @ 8 or 9 p.m. Ha! In the morning, there was a few inches left and I made EmergenC mimosas (we didn’t have any orange juice…).

I can’t even post the naked pictures…it was ridiculous. I wish I hadn’t been QUITE so drunk, because we decided on allyoucaneat sushi, and I barely remember it.

Luckily, I guess I decided to try and take pictures of everything I ate.

That isn’t all I ate. I was stacking plates as fast as homeboy could roll them. And sake.

Oh, you guys, I love sake. And they had so many I’ve never tried (like that’s hard). That, I’d def do again – more sober, so’s I could more properly enjoy it. The allyoucaneat buffet, though, not so much! I missed the Nugget and it’s reasonable prices and grease and common folk. The casino scene is not for me…but I sure felt fancy. And grateful for the leftovers I’d brought. “Variety meat pack? That’s the most obscene thing I’ve heard of.” – Stitch

The old ladies in the airport were very impressed with my radical self-reliance, as I sat on the floor eating deli meat. Since my 11:30 flight got moved to 1:30. And drinks in the bar

were like, 8 bucks. However, one of my local friends, of whom I’d JUST thought, “I never get to see him often enough…” was on the same plane, so me and some Charlotte people – and a nice guy from Florida – hung out in the bar. Then nice guy invited me to sit next to him on the plane for more gin and tonics, so it was pretty fun. FINALLY! Dallas! And my second flight had also been delayed, so I made it home. Poor nice guy, though, had to stay another night – and let me tell you, I was SORELY tempted to join him.

Anyways. Co-worker gave me the last half of her Starbucks, but it’s a mochacrappe. WHY GOD WHY?

I don’t mean to be whiny, I’m just…disgruntled. Oh! So, the hotel pool was  selling sunscreen, $6 for an ounce. THIS guy, however, was walking around offering it for free.

High five!

I stepped into the elevator and lo and behold! Rana! A friend of mine from Florida, that camped with us @ Big Puffy last year. That was hilarious. Ran into a few other people, too – would really like to make a concentrated effort to coordinate Reno hotel shenanigans, next year. Or explore other options, not even in Reno…

The house is pretty much in order. Except for the roaches. They are pissing me right off. I’m going to have to call and exterminator. Good-bye, BRC fund starter pile.

Last night, with the help of the Gilmores, I sat on the couch and worked on this dress

I’ve had it for a couple of years, now, just never been able to finish tacking all the skirt back onto the tulle and all back together. I hate gathering. Hate it! And dealing with tulle. But I’m desperately trying to make things and stay positive and be productive, so I did it.

Here’s some girls pissing on the playa, while waiting for the Gate to open.

Ladies, have some gd class. If you don’t have a pee funnel, and a pee jug (what a way to bond with my driver, eh?) at least have a modicum of modesty.

Pstyle FTW. Pee in the jug. Pee on the tires. Not make a spectacle of yourself. I heart my Pstyle! Somebody in BRC said they’re not making them anymore, but my friend is finally buying one (“You love yours so much, I have to have one.”) and found it on Amazon. I’m tempted to get a spare.

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5 Responses to “Blah.”

  1. tek Says:

    I cannot believe you were at the Grand Sierra and I missed you! Dammit! My friend, the chick magnet was too busy flirting,,,,, hmmmmm maybe with you? idunno,,,, sighhhhh just sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk with you!

  2. Jet Says:

    Why so cranky?

  3. N Says:

    Read the stuff you wrote when you first got back. Does Alchemy make you happy like that?
    I know I was so high for over a week… silly ridiculous high, for me, is that happy? Closest I know.
    I vote, Drive.

  4. FireMoose Says:

    OK the GSR pool party on Tuesday was fuckin’ awesome. Is it OUR fault you didn’t show up til 5pm? That’s like showing up to the burn on Friday and then complaining about the yupsters.

    and agreed that it would be cool to plan reno hotel shenanagans

  5. J Says:

    It was the same shit on Monday, too. I was at the GSR from about 2 p.m. Monday – 10 a.m. Wednesday.

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