First pics!

Courtesy of Elorrum.

 I was so happy when I asked you to call me a cab at the Booby Bar and you said, “you’re a cab!” – her

Remember, back when I was like, “I need money! What can I do for you to get some?” and Elorrum was all, make me a hat for animal night at the Booby Bar! And I was all, OK! (seriously, go read it right quick).

It was SO exciting, to see her and the hat I made out there!

I made that in my living room! And now it’s at Burning Man!

Check out all that dust…no wonder my throat hurt by the end of the week, sheesh. Isn’t she cute? Very warm eyes. Lovely lady! The Eplaya MnG was great fun. I started as Token, then was forced to put CFM on, then had Cassanova, Gyre and Felony by the time I left.

3 Responses to “First pics!”

  1. trystanthegypsy Says:

    yeah i totally flailed on the MnG. I really enjoyed the first 4 days I was on playa (sunday to wed) then it got hot again and I keeled over and died. goddammit. it happened last year too. I don’t do well in the heat…

  2. cfm Says:

    Aw! The heat doesn’t bother me, but the endless sun can. I was the opposite, felt slow the first couple of days – I realized it might be the time zone difference, slowing me down.

    Next year get you some A/C and come meet us – it was fun!

  3. FireMoose Says:

    The MnG was better next year.

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