Next year, next year…

I’ve been thinking, about what to do different, what went wrong, what I didn’t like this year…and pretty much the thing that keeps bothering me is: me. It was weird to get there and everything was set up. Leave before it was down.

As one who usually arrives 2+ days early and stays at least a day later, and has volunteered pretty much everywhere (Ranger, APW, Lamplighter, Gate, Parking, Connexus, etcetcetc) I felt…off – useless, is the word I used. I tried to keep on top of dishes, make coffee…little things that, when added up, can make a difference.

I don’t necessarily think more “stuff” (gifts) is a great contribution…but with flying and my time constraints (not to mention lack of any sort of helpful technical skill), I’m not sure what else I could do. Gonna keep thinking about it, ask my campmates – I don’t want people talking smack about me on message boards.

I hope, at least, to help more with breakfast next year!

Shrimp and grits for everybody!

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