Something broke, Monday night, and the Fuckit Augue has kicked in, hard. Fuckit + PMS (which for me = crippling melancholy, as opposed to the stereotypical anger). I managed to escape actual tears, Monday night, but barely left the couch, except for a trip to the liquor store and the screenprinting shop, Tuesday. Rewatching Gilmore Girls from the beginning. It’s so well-written.

This made me feel better for a little while today:

I forgot to mention the sdtk for last Saturday, Thea Gilmore.

Here’s the first song I had of hers:

I can’t find the other songs I want to share except this one (I prefer the version without Joan Baez)

There’s no telling which way, boys, this thing is going to take hold
From the fruit on a poplar tree, to the bruise round a band of gold
From the blood in a far country, to the war of just growing old
We travel a lower road, and it’s lonely and it is cold

But we will be rolling on, we will be rolling on
We’ve had our part to play, now we are going home
We will keep rolling on, we will keep rolling on
Because for every midnight hour, there’s always a rising sun

and this one, which she wrote in a direct attempt to write a “happy” song:

See also: Coco Rosie, early Kimya Dawson


3 Responses to “”

  1. trystanthegypsy Says:

    My prescription for you:
    Rasberry leaf tea, dark chocolate, and a pedicure.

    I can hear you now, “I’m not a pedicure girl, I’m not paying $70 at a salon” I DONT CARE SHUT UP AND PUT YOUR FEET IN THE BATHTUB!
    or your whole self.

    Actually I totally hear you on this today. it’s 4 pm here and I havent gotten a thing done.

    whats the worst that happens if you don’t get a project done? it’s postponed until next year. so smile your best evil grin and storm onwards.

  2. trystanthegypsy Says:

    Oh my god I just watched that first video. I love it. +fav/watch again

  3. FireMoose Says:

    I can’t wait til Rory and the mom do it.

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