A little bit about me

Just kidding.  Let’s talk about awesome stuff, instead. Like MST.

I’m watching

“Can’t we get beyond “Thunderdome”?”

It’s wonderful, of course. Total Mad Max rip-off, shot in Ohio? The most verdant post-apocolypse evah! His talking motorcycle has a Valley Girl accent. Nodding-off junkies speak more coherently than the “hero.” Buck Rogers + Mad Max+Liquid Sky+ bondage Jane Fonda dance troupe+$5 = Warrior of the Lost World. The resistance will be clad in khaki leisure suits (and I’m only 20 minutes in)…and Joel. Mmm…Joel…

Do you have ANY IDEA how many hours of my life have been spent watching MST…a lot. Speaking of a lot of hours, this sewing binge is getting out of hand. Yesterday I got home from work a little after five, went to bed @ 1 a.m. In between those two times I worked on my Eplaya MnG outfit. That white bustier was screaming for some sparkly finery, and I need something to go with my red cocktail hat.

Started by fitting the cups and getting them attached.

Schparkle titties.

I debated adding some stripes…giving it a hint of circus

– not to mention, I don’t like wearing red. It makes me uncomfortable. I feel ostentatious. So just a little stripe – I want to maintain the cocktail classiness.

Audrey continued her attempts to perform an intervention

Aaaaand eight hours later, I have a top

Now, what to wear on the bottom? I don’t have enough red material left for a nice pencil skirt

Hm, I do have my cabaret zombie shorts…

Too cigarette girl. Not feminine enough.

Seriously, though, after this outfit…I have to stop. Here’s the “Thunderdome” black corset (from now on, I’m just going to say corset. None of them are corsets, but it gets the idea across):

Came out too goth, which I was trying to avoid.

I got the Vitalyte, it is WAY smaller than I thought it’d be

so I’ll take the tub (instead of trying to divvy it up).

I was hungover Saturday morning, perfect first try opportunity. The size of the serving was pretty daunting!

However, just running the tap into the cup totally mixed it! I was so suprised. And it tasted good! A really nice, light lemonade flavor that I kinda enjoyed (not just tolerated like EmergenC). I felt like…I don’t know. It felt like the water was…really hydrating, instead of heading towards my stomach. So yeah. Very pleased. Plus, the back amuses me

So I finish the MnG outfit and that’s IT!!!! Except for the stuff I’m making for other people. And the things I will think of the night before and rush to finish and shove into my suitcase. Oh, and DANGER! High voltage!!

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