A letter of apology

Budget, baby, please. Please don’t be mad! I know I said I was just going to the store for a hoodie for the cloak, just a hood…but…I didn’t mean no harm! Please Budget, you gotta understand…

Ha ha, ok, wellllll, nevermind. I had this funny little post of me pleading with my budget to forgive me for all the stuff I don’t need, that I got at the Goodwill last night, but I inadvertantly erased all the pictures! There was a great one of my cat in my lap on the cloak as I tried to sew, with this face that said, “Stop it. You need to stop all this foolishness, and pack the damn suitcase.”

I got this face mask

Thinking some spikes or something could go on it?

I got a plain white bustier like this

What should I do with it?? Black leather? Red sparkly? I’m about done with all these browns, y’all. It was so nice to work on my cloak* last night, all black and black and black…I got some more camp gifts, a terribly vintage Vietnam War cammo jacket (not military issue, one like this

and holy crap that’s going for 200+ on ebay).

I got a killer black satin onsie thing that I’ll upsize to fit me, a la my heroine

(Fraulein Sally Bowles, nichts Liza Minelli)

…what else…oh, and the hood! For my cloak! Which is PISSING ME OFF TO NO END.

*A new sewing project is like a relationship. At first, everything is GREAT. You smile at how awesome it is and will be, you daydream about it at work…what could go wrong? Nothing! All the right pieces are there, they fit together great….until one little thing goes wrong. Or annoys you. And one thing keeps going wrong until you’re just so fed up…you try to tell yourself that you can’t let this one little thing ruin an otherwise grand and worthy effort…but how many times should one try, before giving up and moving on?


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