You should read this “official” post

Because it has great writing and great pictures.

My goal last year was to get there early and hopefully join DPW. I have such a crush on them. Could be, in part, because whenever I see them I think, “THERE’S the people I want to hang out with…” and sigh at the furried hippies and ravers all around me.

Last night I finished the screen-print design for the PWR gear, and made up a little design for the women of the camp. I am so excited about all of this. And honestly, I don’t really ever get excited. Way too busy being laden with ennui and whatnot. I also, on my way to the shop, got sad already, thinking about coming home from it. It won’t be too bad, Alchemy’s not even a month later, but then. Then the long winter of my discontent begins…


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