Another really long post, because I don’t have internet at home so when I’m off work, stuff piles up.

I had a pretty good weekend. Mostly solitary, but being a loner comes in handy sometimes. Friday night I continued work on the coat dress. Enlarged the side panels in an attempt to get it to fit over my bust,

but now it looks like a sack dress, not the sassy, flaring duster look I wanted AT ALL

In regular light, you can’t see the diamond pattern in the swim trunks material. Some ties at the waist would help draw it back in, for the fitted look. Hmmm…oh look, the decorative “straps” on this camp shirt will work

ChaCha was being very helpful, holding the shirt down on the couch for me while I looked at it. It works well enough…not really what I was going for, but still. Something. Added some panels to get this to fit (the corsety thing) and it worked so great I decided to fix up the black one, too.

Oh, I meant to link to the aforementioned ceviche. This black one is painfully stiff, because back when it actually fit my much thinner ass (well, the ass wasn’t much thinner, but everything else was smaller) I thought I’d paint it black and purple. So it’s thick with paint…we’ll come back to this. Saturday morning was great. Woke up late, laid in bed “thinking.” No, not masturbating, actually thinking. (Mom: Wake UP! Me: I’m awake! Mom: Well why are you still in bed? Me: I’m thinking!)



(fantastic read)

and my cat

(there was bacon at some point, for lunch)

Really couldn’t have been any better oh, and

Pretty much perfect. I could have sat on that couch all day. Except I need stuff!

 –  seperating zipper for

 – fleece to line the cloack with

– belt buckle thing

I figured I could the buckle off my backpack

Or no, let me swing by His House (thrift store) and pick up another something for a buck, and maybe find a seperating zipper on a kid’s hoodie…

Yeah. And a drug addict will just swing by a snort of heroin and be on with their day.

Fourish hours and three thrift stores, one JoAnne’s Fabric and one crazy Army store later…


Little DSB joke, there…b/w striped tank top, bathroom shoes, some brown pants that have the inner crotch lining thing that makes them look militant, and a nifty blank book.

And you GUYS…there was a WHOLE RACK of awful vintage pants. Including

All of these shiny pants – the black ones are real leather, the beige and tan ones aren’t. But damn. And I was seriously going through the racks repeating NO NEW PROJECTS NO NEW PROJECTS NO NEW PROJECTS…


Entire pleather khaki-dust armor and whatnots!! I just got one of each…just one of each! I was good! I wanted all these linen vests to screen print for campmate gifts

and all the shirts next to it

because they were awful. The Army store is this teeny little shop, CRAMMED with mostly uniforms (there’s a bigger one downtown, but I ain’t going near it! I spent way too much money Saturday on this stuff…). I wanted these Eastern Germany caps

($20 each)

and this…bandolierish chain of bullets

Instead I got some little pins and patches to give away to campmates

(the S.C. patch is for me, naturlich)

aaaaand a

I’m going to try to find out exactly what it is. There’s a little valve on the front that doesn’t really do anything. Breathing in it is like breathing through my mask – I won’t wear it. It’s heavy and hot (mmmm…rubber…).

Serious business!

I was thinking cod piece, or shoulder pad…we’ll see. I had to find an ATM, as he (a Vietnam, Korean and WWII re-enactor) didn’t take plastic. Aaaand, of course, the closest ATM was riiiiight next to another thrift store. Where I got

Some awful graver (goth+raver) TRIPP pants, some cammo pj pants and sweater clasps I intend to use as garters. And these pants

That I’m not sure what I’ll do with, but 50 cents is hard to say no to, and this vest

That I think I might wear over the spikey bra…make some matching knick-a-bockers and put spikes down the side…Thunderdome meets Newsies.

Onto Joanne’s, where I get the zipper and the fleece and the buckle I started OUT for…and guess what’s riiiight down the road…thrift store! An overpriced thrift store. Except for the groceries. It had tables of food and drugstore type stuff…I got some tins of sardines (.35 each), heat pads (.25 each), gluten-free chips…

And Old Wisconsin beef bites. Nasty. Except on a bus to Burning Man at like, 4 a.m. They’re like five bucks a bag! Except at crazy thriftgrocery store, where I pay .75. Side note, later on at Sportsman’s Warehouse they have some elk summer sausage I think about getting. Crackers and cheese and meat! Nah…oh, a single stick at the register, I’ll get it to taste it…glad I didn’t buy it. It was every bit as flavorless and greasy and icky as I remember beef sticks being.  So no elk sausage for me.

Found another no water body wash

Nuns like it. Made especially for getting feces off your perineum! Got some Rite-Aid brand ResurgenC

I like the smaller little packages, it has half the sugar of EmergenC and was like…a dollar for 30. I had been thinking about how I need to get a lip balm that won’t melt all over the place and found one!

It’s Blistex brand, got a little metal rolling ball. Pretty sweet. Also in the pretty sweet because I had JUST been thinking about this: As excited as I am to have an Army duffel bag again, I realized: stuffing all that stuff in there means once I get there…dumping it all out. Maybe I should get a suitcase so I can take out what I need, as I need it. Oh hey! There’s a huge suitcase! On wheels! Full of pockets and compartments and it’s just PERFECT! And the lady at the thrift store came down on the price!!

Still need to figure out the carry-on situation. How big I can go with my “purse,” and the piece of carry-on luggage. I want to use my suitcase

but I think it exceeds the allotted depth?? I think I’m just going to go to the airport with a bunch of bags and stick them in the “your bag must be this size or smaller” box at the check-in counter!

 I FINALLY tried the No Rinse shampoo I got last year. I tried taking pics, but greasy hair doesn’t really show up on film…it smelled pretty good – MUCH better than the gross baby powder scent on the body wash. It laters up just like shampoo, oddly. It would take a lot to get all of my hair, though. So, I just tested it on the bangs. Pour it on (like the body wash, barely thicker than water), lather and then dry. I was amazed at how clean the hair looked. It looked so clean, I didn’t have to take a shower before going out, ha ha! So, I’m definitely packing it – for washing the bangs. Now, how long the clean lasts, I don’t know. If my hair was so unwashed my head itched, I don’t know if it would take care of that. However, if I just need to degrease a bit in the front, this stuff actually works.

Back to those awful pants. They actually fit me…


They have now been cut up and added to the black corset. I spent EIGHT HOURS on that Saturday, and realized I will probably never wear it. I was trying to find the line between awesome and scary and too goth/costumey/deriviative/uninteresting. I got a dress I’m going to try and turn into a top…as inspired in-part  by cleaning out my bookmarks and re-finding

Spikes around the neckpiece? Sew my zombie bandanna up there? Not sure. Big kimono sleeves or leave it sleeveless? I mean it’s freakin’ hot in BRC…the less clothings the better!

Sunday I finally made it to Sportsman’s Warehouse to get a bladder. I got a 2L and a 3L.

 They’re pretty much the same size

The blue Camelbak is the 3L. The 2L frightens me, with its ziplocky closuring

but I held it upside down, shook it around…

Do any of you look at all the background mise-en-scene? Sometimes it’s fun for me after I take a pic, to see what all else ended up in there.

  • Lightweight, puncture-resistant, three-ply plastic laminate is lined with food-grade polyethylene that won’t flavor your water with a plastic taste
  • Durable welded construction lets you boil, freeze, inflate and collapse the bag over and over again
  • Reservoir is lined with SlimeGuard™, an antimicrobial treatment that keeps water fresh and taste free
  • New SlideLock with secondary reinforcement ensures a secure and easy closure every time
  • Drinking tube assembly includes HyperFlow™ bite valve, providing one of the highest flow rates on the market
  • Quick-connect hose allows easy removal of reservoir from pack without rerouting tube
  • Taste-free tube won’t affect the flavor of your water
  • Ergonomic shutoff valve is angled 90° for no-hassle hydration
  • Dang, they’d got a 3L, too, on REI…even full they’re still pretty much the same size

    Thing is, the 3L is seriously about 2x as heavy (I read on eplaya today that 1 gallon of h20=10lbs). A pet peeve from last year was always running out of water in the middle of the night in the middle of deep playa…but you only get about this

    much more water…and I’m not sure it’s worth it, for all the extra weight. The reviews for the Platypus are also good, and I like the top-filling design (as opposed to that ontheside screw lid Camelbak does).  I wish the store had the 3L, so I could compare those weights…I also got a nifty beaner light!

    Sunday evening, I rested. Made some art, tried to play a Star Wars video game, drank lots of tequila and ate 14 lbs of home-smoked BBQ.

    With my three favourites boys. There was homemade sangria, too.

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