I love your comments. They ease my existential dilemma.

bought some slips too at the thrift store and was wondering if I should bother to take them. Well guess that decision’s made then.

Copycat! It’s what I wear around the house IRL, and around camp at other burns, so it wasn’t much of a stretch for me to pack them. A lot of people cover up more, to prevent the sun burning, or sit around in a lot less, because it’s so freaking hot.

Pinders = slang for boiled peanuts.

It’s a camping trip… and everything is dirty whether you wore it yesterday, or put it on a half hour ago… so nobody knows!

Yeah, people seem to forget that in between gluing fake fur on crap and buying coconut water. At the end of the day, you’re living in a tent and peeing in a hole in the ground. Ugh. Made me think of all the pee puddles all over the playa (they’re not actual puddles, since it soaks in, but once the weekend rolls around, watch where you step/sit at night). The wifebeater and slip I wore last year are still a lovely, muted playa yellow, despite washings.

Look at some minimalist hiker adventure sites and see how little they carry.

I love looking at that stuff – my kayaking friend (more on that later) has nifty stuff.  My hero, Token, in addition to getting me from the airport is going to loan me a cooler so that’s solved! And I will buy most everything there in Reno, I think. It was only for Burning Man last year that I even bought a cooler. Prior to that, for pagan festivals and burns, I just didn’t take anything that needed refridgerating.

I’m probably going to start packing and get everything into half of the duffel bag…here’s hoping, anyways! It’s just hard to tell when it’s so spread out. I have bags, now, though so that’ll all be over after this weekend.


Ha! “Getting hot” is an inside joke…well, not really a joke. This one summer I was all, I’m going to join a gym and lose this extra weight that makes me feel bad and get healthy and not winded walking up a flight of stairs! and the boyfriendatthetime was all, “You’re going to get hot and leave me!” So I inevitably remember that day whenever I think about jumping on my treadmill.

Fucking Awesome FTW. Check out these spoons Tunna just sent me a link to:

Skull Spoons

That’d be a killer campmate gift!


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2 Responses to “I love your comments. They ease my existential dilemma.”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Camp Fucking Awesome FTW

    It’s just “Fucking Awesome.” No “Camp.” Like, “I am Fucking Awesome.”

  2. J Says:

    Fixed! I like how you aren’t doing “Camp” whatever. That’s part of why I picked Camp for a camp name. (CampCamp).

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