Ho geez!

Somebody thinks I’m awesome! Somebody fancy, who lives in New York City!

I’m flying American Airlines. There really weren’t many options, flight-wise, for me. NYC no doubt has flights all over, at all hours. Me, I had one choice to get there, and one to get back. It’s American Airlines. I considered shipping, it’s true. Seemed it’d be more expensive, though. First bag to check is $25, second is $35.

I’m scrambling to try and maybe borrow some stuff out there, to save space. An air mattress and bedding, for example. That’s one whole freaking bag! I’m fairly confident I can get the bare minimum into the Army duffel bag. Then, if I could have another bag for camp costumes – er, outfits – and “fun” stuff (mix Cds and moustache pasties?)…but right now the cooler and the sleep stuff are the problem.

Maybe I should still consider shipping stuff? I don’t know. But then, I’d have to deal with trying to ship it back…I don’t know!! Somebody tell me what to do. I’m tired of all this planning. I just want to be ready to go and BE THERE.

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