Holy jesus

$579.31…I just spent a month’s mortgage on some plane tickets. Yikes. But, it’s done.

So, I get to Reno @ 10:45 AM Monday, at which point the Lovely Token will whisk me away for the adventure to begin.

I found a flight leaving Reno at 11:30  AM the following Tuesday (better than 7 or 8 am, no??), so I think I can make it to Reno in time, non? I would like a hotel room Monday night, I suppose. Maybe I can send stuff back with a driving crew…it’d be sure easier to hitch a ride without all that crap.

We shall see.

But damn. !!!! Buying a plane ticket was confusing and exasperating. Every site with different times and prices…and the cheapest site ($518.30) said there weren’t seats left on that return flight. Didn’t have a problem with Expedia.com, though…it’s worrisome, but there’s nothing I can do now.

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