Argh AND gah

I love this site.

So. Where to begin…I got all excited and started packing.

Well…making piles.


Packing for regional burns is super easy. I get a bin and stuff clothings innit until it’s full

Not so with this trip. Must. Conserve. Space. For reals.

Started a costume pile…

This is the bin I had to take last year.

I think I had two of these, plus a big bag of bedding, an infant vault full of food, my ammo crate…yeah. God, it was so much easier! Pack up stuff. Drive to ATL. Put stuff on trailer. Get in bus. Drive. Done. They’re heavy, though, and I need to save on weight. And they’re huge and, once full, heavy. So. You know what’s funny? I’m one of those people that prepare for BM year-round. Even when I wasn’t sure if I was going, I was still readying. Bumble Bars on sale, free sunscreen samples

Perfect size for traveling and gifting. I tested the No Rinse body wash

It is clear and only slightly thicker than water

And then my batteries died. Not much to take pictures of. I rubbed it all over (per the instructions) my arms, shoulders, chest and arm pits. It had a baby powder odor, which I cannot stand. It did remove the b.o., but I sure didn’t feel clean. Same as with face and baby wipes. It leaves this…film feeling that I don’t like at all. I’d rather rinse off with just water than use these “clean”er things. So that was a bust. Anybody want a mostly there bottle of No Rinse body wash…on with the piles.

Beauty stuff (toothbrush, saline, moisturizer) and meds (prescription meds, EmergenC, melatonin, etc.) and practicals (clock, cup with lid, goggles, etc.

Found the plastic bags from last year, tried divvying up clothing (knickers, tops, bottoms, outfits)

But w ithout knowing what I’m packing it in (I don’t have any suitcases…) I came to a dead end. And got distracted by CRAFTING. I took the bra from that costume I got off and sewed it onto another bra (after trying this and that and whatnots).

I want to make armor, but I’m not sure I want TSA trying to figure out why this box has this shit with nails all over…it’d be so bad-ass, though. Hrmph.

Take some cardboard. Poke a punch of nails through it. Duct tape it wherever. Me, I make big shin guards. I salvaged

crappy patches from the Klingon costume. I’m thinking pasties. I picked out

some buttons for the backpack. Then I blinked and looked around.

Le sigh. On Molly is a sofa cover I want to turn into a cloak. I haaated carrying a damn backpack. So it will be constructed specifically for the playa, with a pocket for the water bladder. I had a vintage cloak I was going to just cover, but it smells old and is wool (ie, heavy as heck). I debated going back to the coat I bought for but didn’t take last year

But I just…an enveloping cloak, nice and BLACK is just so much more me.

Monday I made my first cheesecake.

I used this recipe, all from scratch.

It’s time-consuming but damn, let me tell you, it is delicious. I came home drunk last night and stuck a spoon in (I made it for a friend). Insanely good – and I’m not much one for cheesecake.

At one point I totally amused myself. I was standing naked in the kitchen in between the counter and the stove, simultaneously stirring the cheese egg mixture with my left hand and the caramel on the stove with my right. Betty fucking Crocker. Cracker.

I also made a Namaste (gluten-free company) spice cake

and ate about half of it before the day was done. Back to crafts.

I ended up taking the vintage cloak apart to use for pattern pieces

Sewing is so freaking time-consuming. So far, so OK. ChaCha

was a HUGE help, per usual. I sewed some softness onto the backpack – it was easy to tell where it needed to go, just follow the dried blood and leftover skin bits…then I thought fuck this backpack…I love my hip belt thingie. I should take these shorts I bought for the skull and turn them into a belt.

That was all Sunday and Monday. Yesterday, thrift store. I had to! I needed to see what was there! 30 pounds later…I have some luggage.

Kick-assedly, I had been thinking about trying to borrow one from somebody. I can pack that thing FULL, let me tell you. Heck, I drove out of Philly with all my worldly possessions in one…and not a day goes by I don’t wish I was that unattached once more.

I got this…thing…it has one large pocket perfect for the bladder.

Either for the belt or the cloak, not sure yet. It has other pockets to use, too. Now, this vest

is actually pretty cool. I got it for the black pockets, for the cloak – it has a large pocket on the back. “Urban Survival Gear.” I kinda want to keep it to wear, but it’s pretty big and heavy

The cloak. The belt. Of course a ballast of ideas hit me repeatedly about the person while I rummaged. I got an idea to put our logo on stuff to give to my campmates. So I found some randomness for that. I don’t own anything in browns, greens or khakis, so I found some stuff to try and do a…outfit with.

Some sort of desert pirate princess hoo-ha. Fitted bodice, things below layered and flaring out, panniers and whatnot…misc. linen for some day/camp clothes

Some sort of hospital gown that’s sadly too small for me

Here’s all the pockets I ended up with, cut off of misc. cargo shorts and pants

1. new belt usage

2. inside cloack

3. some sort of utilitcorselet/bodice thing, like I made for Jerah  (I could use my brace thing).

I sewed a kid’s poncho into a snood

I wanted to use this material, but it just…looked too lunch lady. Too hair net, not enough snood. This one isn’t that much better,

but I do want to try and cover my hair, and I don’t like wearing hats. And yes, that is a cat skeleton in the background. I should have tested the No Rinse shampoo on my hair…

So that’s what I accomplished the last four days.


Ha ha…notsomuch. I have got to find some luggage, now. I wrote down the size requirements. Plan is to pack as much into my carry-on, of course.


Moontroll…I’ve written the answer to your question a few times.

I’m confused by your frequent comments of being “miserable and awful” in Black Rock City, or not liking the nighttimes, or not liking various groups/genres of people, or being scared, etc. So I’m just curious as to why you are going??

Succintly put, I have to. I want to. A bad day on the playa, as I actually named one of the posts in which I discussed this question, is better than a good day in the mundane. People want me there. I have an awesome gang of marauders I’m plotting with and, if you hadn’t noticed in between a few posts about my experience last year, there’s an awful lot of how awesome and wonderful burns and people are…



2 Responses to “Argh AND gah”

  1. alexis Says:

    why are you so awesome? i love this site!

    Which airline are you flying?

    I am flying also, and am frustrated that I will have to pay so much $$ to check my bags. I’m thinking of shipping stuff before hand. What are you doing about that?

  2. Christine Says:

    One veteran burner’s advice I received was to only take costumes and not bother taking regular clothes, or at least take the absolute minimum of regular clothes you’ll need (for the elements, wearing outside BRC, etc.)

    Sucks you can’t take Southwest. They allow you to check 2 bags for free. 😦

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