…so much goodness happening to me, the white guilt is seriously kicking in.

So, last year my favourite aisle to wander through was

I distinctly remember walking slowly, thinking, “Man, if I were going to have a camp, this is exactly what I’d want!” (referring specifically to Apokoliptica and MASH).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand fast forward to last week, and…well, they sort of invited me to join. Specifically, the Playawaste Raiders.

We are an oasis and refuge from the happiness and organization of the surrounding tranquility of the Playa. An island of chaos and mayhem festooned with the grisly remains and effects of those that have bored us.

I still can’t believe it, I am so one of the kids eating alone in the band room, who just got asked to prom.

Even more amusing, my neighbors with whom I spent a lovely afternoon will be there, too!

I’m either going to get to bring the dome again, or will have a tent freakin’ set up and waiting for me.

I have a bike lined up.

I have a ride from the airport!

Now the problem is squelching the costumier in me. I can at least get some tooth black-out, that doesn’t take up much room…lucky my abysmal, post-apocolyptic doomngloom personality doesn’t need much dressing up.

What is going ooooonnnnnn…I am seriously scared, everything is going too well, and that is nothing but ominous. Plus, I’m still just generally frightened of getting there and being miserable and awful like last year.

But hey, a bad day on the playa is better than a good day in the mundane, right?


One Response to “Wow.”

  1. moontroll Says:

    It is enjoyable reading thru some of your prepare-for-the-playa process instead of doing what I should be doing here at work, but I’m confused by your frequent comments of being “miserable and awful” in Black Rock City, or not liking the nighttimes, or not liking various groups/genres of people, or being scared, etc. So I’m just curious as to why you are going?? Not to mention blogging about it everyday. No judgement intended, just confused as to the amount of energy you are putting in to something that you don’t seem to like much.

    ps. if you really believe that nighttimes are all about “raves,” you have MUCH MORE still to discover!

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