Well said.

“I hate walking down the road, smiling and saying hello to cold stares from the furry bikini types (those who profess how “chill” and friendly they are.)”

YES. Burning Man seemed way more image-oriented than any other burn thing I’ve ever been to. Your sentence just snapped that problem into place for me. A touch of small fish/large pond syndrome, plus the general problem shier, more quiet people (note: how I act isn’t necessarily how or who I am) have in very large group of people.

Who are more interested in what you have to offer them (“sexy” costumes, booze, ride on your art car) than how you might get along and have some fun.

“Seriously, I’ve been in friendlier State campgrounds.”

Yup – it’s part of why I like “dive” bars. No pretense. Nobody gives a shit who you are or why you’re there, let’s have some drinks and play the jukebox and have some fun.


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