I’m a genius!

I love the additional features that include a “making of” segment. I think the nostrils as a detail were a stroke of genius. I’m so glad for you that it’s working out, and you will make it to the playa for another try. Come have a cup of coffee… if you’ve been out all night, I’m making coffee early, so no worries.

I would like to do more tutorial things (as indicated in my suggestions of what to get out of one’s donation to the travel fund)…I just don’t know what of.

I am sooooooooooooooooo glad you like it. It’s all about the details. Often, I get so detail-oriented, people don’t get what I’m doing. Because I get off on the little things.

….welllllllllllll, not in every case.


I think I was usually up by 10 or 11 – not because of the heat, but because I went to bed pretty early each night, primarily out of boredom and frustration. Also, I’m getting to appreciate being a “day burner.” I’m not interested in the raving, and at Burning Man that seemed to be the primary night-time activity. When I took to the back streets in search of like-minded doomsayers it seemed everybody was circulatin’ the E.

Anyways. Yes. I will so totally drink your coffee. I WILL DRINK IT UP!!


(get it?)

my new, long-time-burner boyfriend, who talked me into the whole thing, is being very little help about what to bring.

What a dick! Ditch his ass! What kind of burner, much less one who allegedly cares about you, wouldn’t be helpful about how NOT TO DIE IN THE DESERT.

 – bring lots of water

 – bring sunscreen

 – don’t bring anything furry, glitter or glow sticks

The end.


I hope the blog is very helpful, that’s kind of why I started it! If you have any questions, ask away. I’m always looking for concentrated things to talk about, rather than just overcoffeedly ramblings. I recommend Tribe.net and Eplaya, for further reading and questions – esp. Eplaya. There isn’t one thing you could ask that hasn’t been covered (would tent should I buy? what should I eat? What shoes do I wear? Can I sit around and masturbate?) so read thoroughly and welcome the asshattery.


One Response to “I’m a genius!”

  1. N Says:

    Yep, I did the early morning ride on my bike a couple of days last year… like at sunrise, and it is a very nice time. You see the shamblers making their way back, or onward still. Quietly say “good morning” meaning, “ah, honey, have a good sleep” It’s still cool temp wise so it’s a good time to cover some ground and not be brutalized by the sun. plus little traffic. I would go out and wander in the evenings, but my clock is on 10pm late night setting, and even with extra caffeine, midnight 2am is late for me. I mainly would go look at things, I had a hard time connecting for conversations at night. Will try harder this year. I’m helping on a mutant vehicle again that had mobility issues last year, so hopefully will get some driving opportunities. Look for a giant white eyeball on a spoon being towed by a salt shaker… Tasty Eye.

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