Why I’m not using Emergen-C for electrolyte replenishment

I went through a long phase of…well, exploring every last damn “alternahealth” cure due to no health insurance.

…ok, so I was looking for hangover cures to take to burns and everybody was all, “EMERGEN C!” And yeah, it’s full of vitamins. Plus, just drinking some water with it will help (because you are d-e-h-y-d-r-a-t-e-d, and there is no cure for a hangover).

Emergen-C is a dietary supplement drink mix which is sold as an energy booster. It contains more than 1600% of the USDA recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, 416% of the recommended vitamin B12 daily value, and 500% of the recommended vitamin B6 value based on a 2000 calorie diet.”

I’m looking to…stay hydrated. You can’t do it in BRC just drinking water. Trust me.

Why Vitalyte is better than water (article about how Vitalyte enables your body to absorb the water you drink, rather than it just sitting in your stomach)

“We pay special attention to the dynamic duo: sodium and potassium since these are the first two minerals lost and play the leading role in hydration. Our sodium/potassium balance is the ideal marriage for hydrating thirsty bodies with exactly what they need and nothing they don’t. Not too much sodium, not too little potassium and the optimal amounts of calcium and magnesium. And because Vitalyte is made almost entirely of glucose – the only sugar that doesn’t have to be digested – it’s isotonic which means that it matches to the body’s fluids that are being absorbed directly from the stomach into the blood, similar to an IV.

Rapid and effective, Vitalyte™ has no “extra” unnecessary  ingredients to slow you down.”

IE, less superfluous business and sugar. I posted a little about it before, read here.

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One Response to “Why I’m not using Emergen-C for electrolyte replenishment”

  1. Brody Says:

    Also: coconut water. (aka ‘young coconut juice’). Amazingly good for playa hydration/electrolytes and whatnot. Between a daily coconut water and Vitalyte, I was able to not be a puddle of sloth during the day the last year or two.

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