Stupid playa.

All providin’ and shit.

Yet another random internet stranger is being awesome. He’s going to get me at the airport, ferry me to a grocery store, and drive me into BRC. He won’t take money. And he’s going to give me mead and expects me to be obnoxious on a megaphone.

Ah, if only I could pay my mortgage in PLO* and car insurance by winning drinking contests…

I think I’m going to try and fly with everything, which left out a bike. Which I think is pretty damn near necessary. But then Kinetic Cab Company saved me! They’re going to loan me a bike for the week.

SHIT I am so EXCITED! All these people are being so nice to me, and I will have people to hang out with once I get there, this year…KCC gives tours of the art sculptures – powered by you. I think it’d be dreadfully awesome to ride around BRC looking at art in something like

I’m still underbudget, but any leftovers I have are going to be donated to projects like this. If this year goes well, and I intend to go again next year, I’ll start saving up hardcore and maybe be able to afford

Newark and Beyond: $1,000 (priority art tour whenever you want, hosted by our sexiest cabbie, on sculpture of your choice around the Playa, (including deep playa art tour), signature cocktail, as well as official merchandise from Kinetic Cab Company. Truly the best ride on the Playa!

Wonder what that cocktail is?

*PLO is the…motto of the local Megaphone 666/IMP**: Peace, Love and Obnoxiousness

**Insane Megaphone Posse – we like to pause when passing each other, and swap stories of pissed-off anti-megaphoners. I had a good one this year, some noob wandered into E.F. with a megaphone and I promptly ran her back over the bridge. From inside a tent. In the rain.

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