What the hell am I doing??

I have like, a month now to prepare!!

I still don’t know if I’m flying in on Monday or Tuesday, as I still haven’t been able to find a ride from the airport to a store to BRC – yes yes, the playa provides, just show up, but STILL.

I am still recovering from Transformus…my weekend of productivity turned into a weekend of drrrrrrrruuuuuuunk! Four days later, and my birthday celebrating continues.

Sushi (Well, sashimi. Sushi is just rice.)

THREE times in less than a week. And all the sake that goes with that…

Last night it was just me and three of my favourite men. And a waitress who brought me a tasty little ice cream thingie

and asked if we had “tummies full of yum.”

Then we went and drank beer and watched some It’s Always Sunny. And I got a fancyschmancy water bottle!

The Firefly Light Up Lid is this cool little contraption that allows you to light up most (including Nalgene, GSI, Cyclone, Bison, Stansport, etc.) standard sized wide mouth bottles, turning them into a cool and super handy lantern.

Gadgets that light up = great gifts for drunk people

The person I was dating that I’m not now but neither of like “ex” so we haven’t come up with something better gave me some GORGEOUS earrings

Hand-carved gorgeousness.

My mom made me a strawberry pie

Saturday I participated in a yard sale. Made 90 bucks! Even without the stuff that was in my trunk that decided to break that morning and not open! So, there will be another yard sale in a few months, after I use all the profits from this one to fix the trunk.


I did barter for this

Spanky’s! Last year Spanky’s Wine Bar was my beacon. Anywhere on the playa I could aim for their beacon of light and feel confident about making it to bed. They have a great site, with a comprehensive packing list you virgins should check out. I need to find mine from last year! It’s on this blog somewhere…

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