Two ride-sharing resources

1. 2010 marks the third year of the Reno Rideshare Bases.

There are three different locations in the Reno area that serve as Rideshare Bases.

The idea is, and experience has proven, that if you get to any of these locations — * during their regular business hours * — you should be able to negotiate a ride among the MANY burners that are shopping there at any given time.

Here are the three Rideshare Bases for 2010:

Save Mart Supermarket
525 Keystone Ave – 775-786-2150
Open 24/7.

Whole Foods Market
6139 South Virginia Street – 775-829-8666
Open Open 8am-9pm.

Trader Joe’s
5035 South McCarran Blvd – 775-826-1621
Open 8am-10pm.

In 2009 there was a free shuttle that transported people from the airport to these rideshare bases. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE CASE FOR 2010. There will not be such a shuttle, but getting to one of the rideshare bases should still not be a serious obstacle to you.

Each of the rideshare bases is next to a freeway and major travel route to Burning Man — Save Mart next to I-80, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s next to US-395 — and each is only about 10 minutes from the airport.

If you are flying into Reno, it is advised that you check in at Air Playa Info, a volunteer-run information table inside the airport c/o Burning Man, to see about carpooling a taxi with other people to any of the rideshare bases, or in any case a taxi ride should not be much more than $10. Remember to tell the taxi driver to use the freeway!

(Note that checking in at Air Playa Info is also a good spot to see about landing a ride share directly to the playa, as many burners rent a car from there. But the rideshare bases are an excellent backup plan).

If you go to any of the Rideshare Bases, please remember:

The parking lot is not just for burners. Leave No Trace. Everyone in the vehicle must be wearing a seatbelt. And be comfortable with those in the vehicle before hopping on-board.

2. Official  Burning Man online bulletin board

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