Y’all saw my Saturday afternoon…most of the pics will be on mah FB. Boobies! My boobies!

Here’s a teensy peek at Valhalla – let’s just reiterate what a foreign, unwelcoming environment the playa is for me, eh?

Although Cabal did ask, “Playa dust or mud?” Playa dust! We all answered in unison.

In BRC I wandered for hours in search of a drink. In Narnia, I can’t get through breakfast without being handed one.

I was up early enough for IHOP’s annual Sunday tradition!

The pancakes go in us, the whiskey goes in the chefs…

This year’s feature? Candied bacon and Twinkie pancakes.

Philosopher’s Stone had a brilliant futon,

adjustable to your needs

They, and all my neighbors, were wonderful.

Disgraceland of course, where Lu Ellen watched the race  but didn’t get herself a faboo make-over

My favourite Ripe n Juicy Bubble campers defected to Scratch’s Costume Camp

I enjoyed when she returned with her facial hair all smeared to hell

And that’s just one afternoon!


One Response to “TRANSFORMUS”

  1. ntek Says:

    So glad to see you are going to BM2010!

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