I’ve been in a pretty bad mood since I got back.  I actually got kinda ill, summer cold or something, the night I got back so those aches and fatigue isn’t really helping. My life is so frustratingly pointless that the contrast whenever I return from a burn, highlighting said fact, just…breaks me down.

Yesterday I had to be reminded via an official memo requiring a third party to cover up my tattoo. Really? A two-second, “Hey, don’t forget to throw on a sweater or something” would have sufficed.

I met Darrell. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera on me at any of the times of our interaction.

I got Allison’s photos, “…5 narrative…”

I didn’t make any new friends…made a few enemies. Why people gotta hate the megaphone?? ha!

I have started a list of things to blog about:

  • Vreanie 2x as much
  • Jesse rape
  • bacon copperhead
  • wet t-shirt
  • tampon
  • glitter bra get out

Ah, the inside of my brain!

Unpacking only to repack for BM is going slowly…but I have a place to camp, now, and money for a plane ticket. Just gotta figure out the connection between landing in Reno and getting delivered to “somewhere around 5:30/6” and I’ll officially be set…hard to believe it’s been a year. Any time I arrive at Deerfields it feels like I hardly ever left, but thinking about Burning Man feels as though it didn’t even happen…I have high hopes for this year. Anxious, frightened, high hopes…

I got nothing to lose but
Darkness and shadows
Got nothing to lose but
Emptiness and hang-ups

When I know you’re watching out for me
I look for what matters
And I notice what matters

And I got nothing to lose but
Darkness and shadows
Got nothing to lose but
Loneliness and patterns


One Response to ““Decompblahblahblah””

  1. Joshua Says:

    Transport from Reno is a piece of cake. Show up early, sit in the airport, and stick out your thumb. We ended up paying for a ride with a company who was driving an RV caravan out from Reno for delivery to the Playa.

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