And so it begins.

I officially have the time off needed to make the trip.


Fly in Monday evening or Tuesday morning? Get a ticket.

How will I get my stuff there?

Where will I camp?


I stayed up too late working on Transformus stuff.

“Midnight Pizza. To be served at a random time of our choosing.”

I saw that this morning, Gizmo! Love it. I wouldn’t never try to plan an activity in BRC – I didn’t even make the Ranger trainings, last year…I just want to get a locale secured prior to arriving so I have somewhere for my stuff to be dropped off!

One of my fave camping things I randomly got at Sportsmen’s Warehouse broke, but this morning I got to not only get a new one, but support a great camp run by some very involved and supportive burners.


Have you seen their set-up?? It’s something. I wrote a very nice limerick about a zombie and BRAINS! Last year I got one of their pint glasses (which I rarely use), this year

You should buy one. In addition to supporting some ass-busting burners and a truly unique camp, these mugs are awesome. You can clip them anywhere for easy onthego food sharing, drink sampling, hole digging, head bashing, etc. It fits perfectly on my utilibelt (where the opium pipe is in that pic).

Here’s a pic of the whole belt

That bustier might be one of the few fun things I bring to wear in BRC…I brought SO MUCH costumes and clothes last year, and hardly wore any of them. But, I get gussied up enough the rest of the year that I don’t mind the break. I like how much thinner I look at 6 ft tall…


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  1. The Dusty Swan « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] I recommended their fundraising mug last year (you guys had BETTER BE clicking on my LINKS!) and am doing so again this year. […]

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