Where should I camp?

Here’s what I was looking at last year.

I don’t really want to be too close to the Esplanade. I don’t mind paying a little bit of money for amentities.

Presents “City of the Dead.” Our diminutive speakeasy, theater, and pulpit stage and open mic will host a Streisand look alike and sing alike, an acoustic late night bluesy schmoozy, and from the pulpit: late morning exorcisms for any of our undead friends. Check us out and we’ll check you in. AKA: Scarlet/Fire @ the Mars Hotel/Eyes of the World/Dark Star/The Dead Sea/Beyond the Dead

I’m only on C and I’m thinking “Jeez-o-pete, I didn’t see ANYthing last year…”

Camp Unofficial
Camp Unofficial returns to offer succor and information. Our most sincere apologies to the entire Burning Man community for all the bad advice we gave out last year. Since then, our entire team of guides has undergone extensive SENSITIVITY training and education in CUSTOMER CARE. Let us help you to help yourself to find the bathroom, which is that way, we promise.


Feeling homesick? Not for this home, but the OTHER one – in the OTHER world? If so, then Camp Cul-de-Sac is the place to be. We are the remedy to your longing for the comforts and familiarity of the suburbs … just a few radial arms away. Don’t worry. We won’t tell.
Hometown: Memphis, TN

That one I just picked cuz they aren’t from Cali.

Thunderdome, of course, for the hot guys.

Sunday night I met some cool wo/men from

The Gender Blender
The Gender Blender is a safe haven for those bending and blending gender, a place to come and explore for those who have always wanted to mix up their gender but have never before, and a spot for those who are curious about gender play and how gender impacts and affects our lives. And smoothies!
Hometown: Valley Stream, NY

I still regret not jumping pirate ship to wander with them.

Every Metropolis needs a suburb. Every suburb needs a high school. And of course every high school needs it’s jack-assery. Come on over to Gigsville High for silly school shenanigans with a side of debauchery.

Jack-assery! You had me at jack-assery.

Heresy and Misconduct Camp
Heresy and Misconduct presents: No More Lonely Playa Moments We all have them but no one is talking about it. Heresy and Misconduct Camp will strive to be the place to go when you are feeling a little lonely. Come make a friend or find a group to head out to an event with.

Heresy and Misconduct!

Kentucky Fried Camp
This will be the third year for Kentucky Fried to liven the mornings with Bourbon, Moonshine and our delicious smoked, fried Baloney Sandwiches. We served over 2000 last year. What better way to start your day than getting Fried the KFC way! Starting 9 AM each day.
Hometown: Lexington, KY

Again, fellow Southerns. Who wouldn’t make drink all my moonshine all on my own and give me dirty looks when I offer them some. 😦

Playawaste Raiders
Playawaste Raiders is an oasis and refuge from the happiness and organization of the surrounding tranquility of the Playa. An island of chaos and mayhem festooned with the grisly remains and effects of those that have bored us, body parts, midway games, quests and maybe a little Rad-Away.

Science Boudoir Cabaret
Exploring the intertwined relationships that exist between Science and Art, the Science Boudoir Cabaret melds dance, the culinary, aural explorations, science, steel and good times into an intoxicating brew for passers-by.

I like cabaret, and scientists.

Ultra Stunt Danger Academy
The Ultra Stunt Danger Academy is all about distinction. We search for the distinction between rational fear and irrational fear, and try to push the boundaries between. We examine the distinction between authority and compliance, and have been known to disturb the social fabric along these seams. We’re naughty like that.

I don’t want to camp there, just sounds interesting.

Everybody I know is in a camp that’s full or unaffordable, and I mildly want to camp with people I don’t know. I should stop being a pussy and camp on the E, right? GET THE WHOLE BURNING MAN EXPERIENCE IN MY FACE! It’s Videogasm I’m referring to.


3 Responses to “Where should I camp?”

  1. Christine Says:

    Hi, I can’t find the email you sent with your address. Don’t have any cash on me right now but I’ll write you a check if you email me your address.

  2. FireMoose Says:

    “Wahhh I can’t go to burning man. Wah I’m gonna go to burning man but now i have to pick a camp! Oh NOES! what to do?! WAhhhHHhHhHh”

    Just go! It’s not like you can’t swing the “Hey I’m CFM from eplaya and i was lucky enough to make it out this year but i need a shower!” card…

  3. Gizmo Says:

    My first year on the Playa. I downloaded the schedule of events. Planned out the whole week. Here is an interesting event at noon on Monday, then over to this other camp at 2:00, runway fashion show at Camp Bling at
    4:00. Had the whole week planned out.

    Did not make it to a single event on the calendar.

    Now realize that planning is so overrated.

    My theme camp event at Transformus………
    “Midnight Pizza. To be served at a random time of our choosing.”

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